Question: A Mega-Post on Guilt, Fear, Shame, Fire and Brimstone

Gravity Of Grace Note: this is truly an awesome piece for the souls. It blessed me so much.

J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

Five anons:

I’ve always been on the receiving end of what you would call the ‘guilt-fear-shame’ tactics. When I was seven, I was handed one of those infamous “You’re a Sinner and You’re Going to Hell” pamphlets. Ever since then I’ve struggled … that I’m still doomed to hell simply because ALL I’ve ever known is the terror, the guilt, and the shame … How can they do this to others?

– I have always been told … “Don’t read anything that isn’t the Bible”, “You’re going to hell because you enjoyed Pokemon”, “Don’t you know Hollywood is a den of sin?” I constantly feel like it’s WRONG to have interests outside of theology/religion … I feel like I’m being trained to be a nun or monk. Is it right to feel this way?

– I sometimes feel like I’m sinning when I don’t have a bible in my…

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