The blessing of the Lord–it makes [truly] rich, and He adds no sorrow with it [neither does toiling increase it]. (Proverbs 10:22 AMP)

I still remember it like yesterday; I was just jumping around as a young kid with my friends in front of a neighbors house. A certain man I will call Mr. Lesley, who was very rich and well respected in the area, parked his car and stepped out with his entourage with some Tony Montana (Scarface) swag.

Immediately, I caught his attention and then he paused for a while looked directly into my eye through to my soul. He inquired from a man I will call Mr. Ray; “whose son is this young man.” Mr. Ray replied; “his parents just live across the street.”
Mr. Lesley being fed with this little information about my parents (he knew they were poor) stirred at me again with this disappointment in his eye and then said what would program my mind into hopelessness, anger and resentment against my parents in my early teens. He said; “if this young man’s parents were rich, his future would have been awesome”

The weight of Mr. Lesley’s words left my pre-teen mind going in circles everyday. I knew him to be rich and well respected by everybody and who am I not to believe in his words. His words cut through my soul and chained my heart into a pitch black darkness of fear.

I was so much loved by family, friends and everybody who saw me but I was suffering from low self esteem, emptiness and a void that widening itself everyday as I am reminded by Mr. Lesley’s statement. He has programmed an innocent young man into disbelief about the future and very bitter with my parents (I thought if they would have worked hard, they would have been rich for me to become great), but he probably had no idea of the deep wounds I was nursing each passing seconds of the day.

It is only the truth that sets us free. It is rather unfortunate that many are not hearing the truth which sets you totally free independent of your ability. It is called the free gift of grace. Bingo! the scales fell off of my eyes, the chains were broken from my hands and a new song of hope was embedded into my spirit by the Lord in my late teens. I knew then that, I heard a lie; total lie from the pit of hell. The devil saw my future and used the carnal mind and heart of men to try to rearrange the purpose of God for my life.

Friend, be careful about what you hear today! Men’s assessment, opinion, and estimation of you is not the final cut to your life purpose. Your destiny is not determined by your family status, color of your skin or your present situation. It is the blessing of the Lord…

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