This morning whiles we were getting our little girl Moriah Gyamfi who will turn 5 Oct 10th. ready for school, she asked mommy if she can take her to McDonald’s after school. Mommy said “Moriah, I don’t have money for McDonalds” of which Moriah replies “But I have prayed for you several times last week that God will give you money and now you don’t have money? My wife said, Moriah you have to keep on praying that I will have it. The little girl was a little bit confused because if God answers our prayers, why then there is no money for McDonalds. She turn around and giggled for a second then said ” May be God doesn’t make Money”. I couldnt control myself but burst into laughter. For Moriah, if God make money her prayers would have been answered. What a lesson and wisdom I collected this morning -As an adult I know God doesn’t make money, that will be fake currency or illegal as a medium of exchange but I know that God give us the wisdom to acquire money.

 Hey, are you waiting for God’s money from heaven and it seem like heaven is experiencing economic crunch? Sometimes we ask God for money and He gives us an idea to make money. which doesn’t mean your prayers has not been answered. The very day you poured out your heart with the lip of faith, your God heard you and activated the realms of His promises on your behalf. Don’t be a one dimensional christian, have an opend mind to God’s possibilities for all your requests. Start putting a commercial value to the gifts and talents He’s place in your life and the thing call money will be exchanged for what you got. May God today grant you accelerated wisdom and creative ideas to turn your life around


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