sometimes I get a little bit confused over this ” Are we to pay some price to receive “a special anointing” from God or we already have “a special anointing” from God in us JUST laying there dormant?

The Pastor whos is 45years of age said in a barritone voice to his youthful congregants, “Don’t play with the anointing of God on my life, for I have paid my dues all these years through dry fastings, all nights, memorizing scriptures and all that to receive this anointing from God” Hmmm!

This exuberant zealous folks left the house of God with their heads bowed low in their hands – They have at most 20 years before them to pay their own dues of merit just as Pastor has done before they can earn this enabling power to advance the kingdom of God.

The next door Church is Pastored by a young illiterate unordained Apostle, Prophet, Bishop, Pastor, full of the Holy Ghost, power, signs and wonders following him. They gossiped ” How many years has he been a Christian? Just 5years! How many years has he been in ministry? Just 3years!

So sadly, they conclude “He is not from God, it might be a familiar spirit using him and the anointing is not genuine” WHY???, He hasn’t payed any price to be used of God so amazingly. Hmmmm!

Where is the Grace of God in which He wrapped Himself around underdogs in the body of Christ?

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