I want you to look into my eyes and see shelter From the chaos storms of a stormy world I want you to give up your arms and take up mine There is rest for your smothered soul; in my arms I want you  to feel my heartbeat of love, when you are near I … Continue reading I WANT YOU TO LOOK INTO MY EYES


“Whatever God demands from you, He himself will faithfully do it, in style” You are a step away into fulfillment. That one step into good health, finding the right partner,discovering your purpose, fulfilling a career goal or living in total victory in all facets of life, has birth a deep longing in our empty hearts … Continue reading IMPOSSIBILITY IS NOTHING


Dear reader, I don't know what your pain is today I don't know how exactly the odds are I just want you to know that you are in the plans of God His thoughts towards you today is love, Crazy love, embedded in eternal purpose No matter how steep or crooked life road may look … Continue reading DEAR READER

Grace is what G…

Grace is what God does, independent of our ability and self efforts. If you were saved by grace through faith, then you can also live daily, learning to rest on His ability to protect and provide at all times without having to fret about today or tomorrow. - McDaniels Gyamfi Matthew 6:25-29 New King James … Continue reading Grace is what G…

Where is God in your life?

Where is God in your life?.

“Grace Gravity …

“Grace Gravity is like a scuba diver who plunge deep into the deep oceans of the Atlantic; observing, savoring and being mesmerized by the beauty of the depths of the ocean bed. He is so in tune with the pull of this whole new world...that the captivating evil pleasures of his natural world could not … Continue reading “Grace Gravity …



Therefore since a promise remains of entering His rest, let us fear lest any of you seem to have come short of it [Hebrews 4:1]

What you need to be fearful of in this life is not fear itself but the fear to come to the end of yourself and leave everything to God whiles you rest calmly with childlike faith in His everlasting arms to hold the details of your life


We Rest When We Rest in the Rest of Jesus