Your laughter is fat.

Your laughter is fat,
Your tears are an abandoned
desert, your dreams are a
cluster of wildflowers
on pleasant hills

Ever since you separated
yourself, journeying with
hearts of gold bathed in

Your feet have become a
royal horse and
Your laughter is fat

Your soul is a cloud of
many themes, an epistle
written by God, sought
by men

The merchants of good
omen are in deep seas,
sailing to where the
oceans command

To find men and women who
are confined in their
imaginations, afraid to
explore uncharted terrains

Good omen has arrived, O’
passive feet. Good omen has
arrived, O’ fearful minds.

Merchants of good omen have
arrived, to escape with you.

Untie this fraternity, break
this fence and run from yourself

Mary's alabaster smells where
you are not. Break this fence,
and meet her fragrance freedom

Kings shall come to your light.
Kings shall drink from your
wells and mourners shall
dance in your aroma
Separation: “Good omen have arrived”


Be careful you don’t consume the words of the negative soul. You will become his expectations, loosing your fire in the end. There are a people without the spirit of truth in their hearts but a venom of the mamba on their lips. Of such men, the Lord shall preserve your soul from their attacks