He wields a chorus of the essence

My smile came to me early this morning. He wields a chorus of the essence and shines like the sun in its brightness. Teach me your song I asked. It’s already yours, he said. You need not a lecture, you need to own it once, in belief, that you are a smile and a daylight

A smile and daylight? Yes, you are in me and I am in you. I only come to remind you of yourself. Oh, I have swallowed the darkness in daylight, and my smile was captured in its lies. Alas, I am tears, disappointments, and ashes

Failure is a choice and not an ordination

Failure is a choice and not an ordination, a destiny. Failure cannot rewrite, or erase what is written upon marble stones. Your heart is cold in ignorance. You grope in the dark because your education is earthbound. Your foundations have been removed. Oh, the former ways of your nativity, where the natural submits to the higher intelligence of Abba. Who told you that you are naked? You ate from the tree of men, nurtured in the consciousness of darkness and defeat

Some days I am a bird

Some days I am a bird. I’ll kiss the blue skies and feast with the rainbow. My soul had no limits; intertwined with divinity. On other days I am a fragile rock; stuck and brittle; broken into pieces, even if a fox walks through the edges of my delusion. Oh, what a wretched soul that I am, in my flesh

Who will deliver me from this curse? It felt as always, that this whisper will descend into helpless valleys, where the bones of Cain’s domicile. Heart-aligned with true brokenness, the currency to escape the darkness. Oh, my heart was filled with pride, the pride of the consciousness of my ability to escape through wildfires

I have cried but I did not truly cry

I have cried but I did not truly cry for help. I have cried but I cry not because I needed a higher hand but because of the chaos inside my chest. Clothed in humility, I cried again; “Oh, how wretched I am in my flesh, who will save this fragile rock, a bird without wings.”

My smile came to me early this morning. He wields the chorus of the essence and like the sun in its brightness. He told me this is what I am if I truly yield to the inward government, Christ Jesus

You will be alright

You will be alright, even in the darkest days because you wield the Son in your inward places. The the all-inclusive, immeasurable riches of eternity, is your wings. No one flies and feasts with the rainbow in his prideful self. Give me the seven bottles of the wisdom wine of Christ, give me a room full of drunkards, and let me die to myself with them; intoxicated in the eternal wildfires

Hebrews‬ ‭10:23-25‬ ‭CSB‬‬

“Let us hold on to the confession of our hope without wavering, since he who promised is faithful. And let us consider one another in order to provoke love and good works, not neglecting to gather together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging each other, and all the more as you see the day approaching.”