hòmily to the søul

Blessed be to the ocean friend. Peace to the souls of innumerable children of the friend, the beloved. I celebrate waking up every day, loved to be in the arms of the rising sun; smiling with her glints of faith. The problem with life is not life itself, it is what the eyes cannot see. … Continue reading hòmily to the søul


http://youtu.be/ogweL4E24ok Sharing is Caring: I was so much inspired by this short inspirational video. The next thought that flash through my mind, is to share it with friends. The profound life lessons it brings to the table is so beautiful. Enjoy and share my friend!!   - McDaniels Gyamfi - 


Don’t hail me when I am gone I am the Holy Grail you can't see You will know when am gone       It would have been too late then Why do we always have to wait till it’s over before we recognize how blessed we were to have certain people in our lives, as God’s precious … Continue reading HOLY GRAIL