FAITHFUL “iPray4You”

movies_les_miserable_hugh_jackman_anne_hathaway_1I want to thank all of you who took the time through out this week to browse through Gravity of Grace. I hope you’ve been inspired, encouraged and above all drawn closer to the beauty of the person of Christ. You don’t know what it means to me to know that you are living each day encouraged in your life journeys.

Don’t stop and don’t give up no matter your current condition or situation. You can feed on the loveliness of a God who dearly loves you and always want to lavish you with His goodness. Men promise love and don’t have what it takes to back it up – they fail, disappoint, lets down and what have you. Remember, its only God who demands from us the fulfillment of His great purpose and still takes over to fulfill His plan in and through us. You can hang on to this glorious promise from the word of God, if life feels like running on a treadmill;

I Thessalonians 5:24 “God will make this happen, for he who calls you is faithful”

Hold on, my dear friend and don’t throw in the towel. Help is here and it is now, as you take each step and every breath trusting in His faithfulness to stand by you till what He called you forth, He makes it happen or bring to pass. Evaluate your situation if you are trusting Him enough or you are depending on your will power? It is He who makes it happen! Aren’t that awesome?

“I pray for you and your family for increase in every arena of your life. May He turn the tables for your favor in every battle of your life, heal your marriage, heal your body and mind and strengthen you with the Holy Ghost to withstand every onslaught of the evil one and buckle you comfortably with His goodness and mercy  to accelerate with unusual wisdom as you navigate through untested terrains of life”. Amen!

You will never become a statistic nor a face in the crowd. Get up, wipe your tears, dust off the doubts, put a smile on your face and in the power of the Lord face every second, minutes and each day of your life like a true conqueror….that is who you are and not what the inner critic keeps pounding in your mind. Believe and expect uncommon CHANGE!



sometimes I get a little bit confused over this ” Are we to pay some price to receive “a special anointing” from God or we already have “a special anointing” from God in us JUST laying there dormant?

The Pastor whos is 45years of age said in a barritone voice to his youthful congregants, “Don’t play with the anointing of God on my life, for I have paid my dues all these years through dry fastings, all nights, memorizing scriptures and all that to receive this anointing from God” Hmmm!

This exuberant zealous folks left the house of God with their heads bowed low in their hands – They have at most 20 years before them to pay their own dues of merit just as Pastor has done before they can earn this enabling power to advance the kingdom of God.

The next door Church is Pastored by a young illiterate unordained Apostle, Prophet, Bishop, Pastor, full of the Holy Ghost, power, signs and wonders following him. They gossiped ” How many years has he been a Christian? Just 5years! How many years has he been in ministry? Just 3years!

So sadly, they conclude “He is not from God, it might be a familiar spirit using him and the anointing is not genuine” WHY???, He hasn’t payed any price to be used of God so amazingly. Hmmmm!

Where is the Grace of God in which He wrapped Himself around underdogs in the body of Christ?