Hi, With a heartfelt appreciation and love, I dearly welcome you to gravity of grace. It’s a great honor to have you visit. It really don’t matter, whether you are a saint or a sinner – the loveliness of Christ is revealed, in the light of New Covenant realities without prejudice. I love grace; in all honesty I am very addicted to grace (grace not as a doctrine, but Jesus personified)… the indwelling work of Christ in the believer. I live with one obsession…to see the beauty of the person of Christ and spread the fragrance of His grace in every place. I share with the world a personal journey with Christ, after I was set free from a religion which places the burden on one’s shoulders, there is no stopping but to share the goodness of Christ and fellowship with people like you.

  • You are innocent before God
  • He watch over you with smiles on His face
  • He is not mad nor angry with you
  • He has no evil intentions against you
  • You are standing on grace grounds
  • Freely and effortlessly, embrace life
  • Jesus has already paid the price for you
  • The bride says; “Come” and drink freely

Religion says it’s about you, but the gospel of grace declares it’s all about him. Religion says “Do, do, do,” but the good news declares “It’s done, done, done!” For too long the world has been bound by the never-ending demands of religion. True freedom is found in knowing the One whose yoke is easy and light! – (E2R)

  • Are you tired, burn out and worn out of your human effort?
  • Do you want a quality of life that only God can offer?
  • Are you curious about the amazing grace, and want a fresh start with Jesus?
  • Are you searching for peace and health for your physical body?

Peruse through awesome post, that draws you closer to God, and great stories, and poems that will surely transform your life! I want to stand with you in prayer…feel free to Contact me, as I stand with you in prayer of faith. Remember your privacy will not be shared with any third-party. Have a Godly, lovely day, as you browse our website!!

McDaniels A Gyamfi

6 thoughts on “HOME

  1. McD – “I DON’T NEED YOUR GOD, I NEED YOUR ANOINTING ” …. when you click the WordPress link it goes to your website, but with “Oops! That page can’t be found.”


  2. I have nothing but respect for the love humanity has for our Lord Almighty Allah. Jesus is venerable to all and his words are nothing but the truth to guide us in our moments of ambivalence.


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