In truest consciousness of the God measure in us, we can soar beyond the ends of the world even with broken wings

You are the attributes of a hundred virgin Wells in the wilderness and a million songs in a fading festival, awakening innermost elations hanging in the balance

You have become the character of ancient red wine set on tables of ivory and redwood; The peasant and the rich, both find delight in your kind intoxicating words

The nations waits on you as a maid looks to the hands of her mistress

Since you became a dreamer with God, dreamers of men salute the ocean in you, emulating your perfect template

In the accurate reckoning of the beauties of beauty hidden within the inner castle of my heart I have also become…

I have become an elegant moon. I have become a Solomon. I am the coat of many colours of Joseph. I have become the song of Songs in Eden Prairie

I am a companion of strength and courage. My fears can be traced in the air; a vapour

I no longer live, but God; the life that I live. I live in the consciousness of His life in me.

I can only reckon

Great Unknown

In the great unknown

Your eyes is my compass

And in your peace my soul roost

I am not afraid where this path leads me

I am not afraid how the end will unfolds

I am not afraid of the perils of eerie voices

I keep my feet firm. I keep walking, faith tucked

inside me in balls of fire.

In the great unknown Jesus leads us beyond the borders of our fears, when calmly we lay down our souls on the altar of surrender, wrapped in obedience

Don’t bury your feet in yesterday. Don’t keep your eyes off the price. Run into the fire if it is where the Lord is.

Surrender yourself into the sudden darkness. let it purify you if you need a holy bath

Sing over my heart, O’ messengers of the presence, that I may not sing the songs of the dead in my heart and stagger into oblivion

He has judged me with his strength. The Lord God will keep the pilgrims hopes alive until we all reach home;

where a million kisses of the lover awaits

our lips and foreheads.