When Tommorow Came

When tomorrow came

We were the awakening songs of Princes,

The sweet wine of a wise emperor

See children dancing with her anthem

The young men are completely drunk in his delight

And the elderly, they open their mouths in awe;

The candor of our surge and swell

When tomorrow came

We were birds in Rehoboth;

Freed from the cage of Esek and Sitnah

Many lessons, many tears and wounds a year brings

Many blessings, many gains and worlds crumbled

Adieu, the blues that chained the soul of the nations

You made us cry, you emptied the hearts of joyful men,

You depleted the pockets of the merchant, you threw a century

Old legacy into the unknown, you untwine the fabric of unity

And like a rug; we were a laughing stock to the nations

When tomorrow came,

T’was the lessons yesterday taught us

That made us stronger and better.

I have seen this before, (my soul said) i

Have seen that before, I have touch this and that before;

My eyes have become wiser, and our souls have matured

Into a good soldier; resilient, unfazed, agile, and cunning

When tomorrow came

I told myself not to live in yesterday, but only in the wisdom of yesterday

I told myself, I told my friends, I told my family, that yesterday; we’d planted

Today, we will harvest what we had distributed into the soils of our hearts

They are a delight, those who listened to my words and ate it like the pilgrim’s loaf

When tomorrow came

We were an effulgence of an eternal ordination

Participants and co-labourers with the Beloved

And the nations came to our doorsteps

Don’t chastise my eyes, for what it sees in you

When tomorrow came, your feet were gold and

The 7 Portals that lead to the glory of the Friend;

Widely opened before your gaze —

The Friend said; “Come”

“Come into the multifaceted dimensions of my essence

Come into the reference of your dominion;

Swallowed into immortality.”

When tomorrow came

I was a theatre of the divine dance

And the nations came to dance with God

Morning Prayer

Hold my gaze into your gaze, lover of my soul. Don’t slip away. Stay!

Eternal Father and lover of my soul,

Keep me awake in thee as I press daily

To Drink from the Wells of Your Salvation

Let me not wander away from the unveiling

And mingling in Your light, after this prayer is

Poured — strolling back into the illusions of

This mundane existence

Dear, Father, today — (Mon. Dec 1, 2020)

Clothe me with the gift of Your presence,

Permeate my thoughts with eternity,

Keeping me in perfect synergy with You

Hold my gaze into Your gaze

I desire nothing but to continue to

Behold Your face, until I am drowned

In the oceans of Your mercies and power

You are beautiful and generous towards me

You are merciful and devoted to the broken

May Your beauty becomes my obsession and

Let Your generosity, mercy, and devotion finds tue

Expression in me as I yield my life to Yours

Blessed Father,

You have sustained the universe by

Your word since creation — you are able to keep this fragile soul

By the same word, in perfect purity; blameless and holy

I pray thee, may the gift of your presence

Like a gentle stream, flow within the

Interior chambers of this weak temple

And wash away my fears and doubts

Abba, don’t slip away from my soul’s view

Like a bird on migration

Stay — Walking between my heart and soul,

Moment by moment

Guide me into the corridors of the Fathers will, Oh gentle Spirit of the presence

It is not in my ability to find my way into His

Perfect will and blueprints, So direct my steps;

a lost sheep, and let me find

greener pastures in His breath

Oh, Shepherd friend, lead me today,

To where my life will be fruitful to You,

I know my heart will find true satisfaction

In Your satisfaction

Through Jesus Christ my salvation. Amen.