ethnos upheavals

leaking hearts, broken petals, oceans retreat

there’s a path in the darkest places. my window is blurred. there’s a home within the universe for all. soul roof is off. rain falls, the sun shines through, earth tremors, souls in open fields. Wasting way; without shelter.

invisible thread of love. Broken. House divided. the invisible thread of moonlight beams and stardust hues. Souls rope. Broken. Unmended. The approar of ethnos.

come home. To my love. Lean on this shoulders. Storm tossed citizen of the universe. We are from the same garden. plantings of the Lord. Though our skin looks different. Our hearts must speak the red love language of humanity.

C: google image

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    1. Thanks so much. Now my goal is to learn from you to improve on my style. I’ve been soaking into your words, style, and the imagery it articulates. I felt in love with this line: ”i dance with the air on fragrant trail” You have a way with words☺️

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