My sin consciousness would had beat me down and throw me into condemnation and death without the perfect blood that washed my conscience from dead works sot hat I might confidently approach the throne of Grace without a sense of inferiority. You did it for me Jesus, not because I deserve it but it was … Continue reading OCEAN OF LOVE MISSION

Friend, Go up Higher

There is a higher calling placed on the believer, to make a mark on earth by letting his light shine. We have no power in ourselves to make any indelible mark, neither do we have light of our own to shine, unless we stay and feed on His light we will want to shine in the … Continue reading Friend, Go up Higher


I hear the sound of the father's voice echoing through the sapphires gates of heaven to the beat down soul and those whose belly are full of regret. "My peace to you and goodwill towards mankind". Wake up to the best from the father and satisfy your soul from the abundance of His banqueting table. Remember, … Continue reading GREETINGS

Isn’t He lovely when you…

Isn't He lovely when you are overwhelm with a glimpse of His love. Boy, condemnation shrivels and run out of town when love is in its rightful place

God is not mad …

God is not mad at you neither is He disappointed in you. The cure to your chronic struggle of shame and condmnation is to come to the end of self and be conscious of the loveliness of God towards you.


You have stepped into another season of Gods goodness and an ocean filled with the boundless riches of His undeserved, unmerited, unearned grace towards you. Bask into the finish work of Jesus Christ and explore your position in Him as you translate His favor into your daily life. You need more of His love to … Continue reading HELLO WORLD!